Unfortunately, many men and women do not see a dermatologist in Spring on a regular basis. This means that they often aren’t sure what conditions one could treat. The truth is, a dermatologist in Spring like Dr. Perri of Perri Dermatology, can treat many different types of skin conditions.

Have you noticed small bumps on your skin, that are often flesh-colored, white or yellow? If so, it’s likely that you are experiencing a very common skin condition called sebaceous hyperplasia. This totally benign condition affects many residents in The Woodlands area. The sebaceous hyperplasia bumps can vary in size – from being just 1 […]

If you have an unwanted skin lesion, you may be wondering which type of Spring area healthcare provider you need to see to have it removed? You might be surprised to learn that removing skin lesions is a relatively simple surgery that a dermatologist like Dr. Perri of Perri Dermatology performs every day! This simple, […]