Sometimes it seems like Botox®, chemical peels, and facelifts are all anyone talks about in dermatology these days. Of course these treatments have their place and there’s nothing wrong with having them done, but what if you need a dermatologist who’s truly focused on more serious or complex skin conditions? Dr. Anthony J. Perri has […]

In the US, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type, with over 2 million new cases expected yearly. With so many lives being affected by this disease all the time, it’s no wonder it’s on the minds of people all over the nation. It’s commonly known that early diagnosis is the key to successful […]

If you find yourself with a questionable mole, lump, or other growth on your skin, it may be necessary to perform a skin cancer biopsy. Patients often want to know more about the procedure, such as how to prepare, and what it involves, so they can help put their minds at ease. Right off the […]

With some things in life, a few days don’t make much of a difference: mowing the lawn, repainting your deck, paying that enormous summer utility bill. When it comes to skin cancer, though, every day counts – a truth Dr. Anthony J. Perri knows all too well. Once upon a time, his father was diagnosed […]

When you search for a dermatologist, what do you look for? In today’s age of information at your fingertips, you can search for a dermatologist just by typing a few words into your phone. The problem isn’t finding someone who’s qualified – it’s finding too many who are. With so many options, you have to […]

Most people out there have probably heard of melanoma. Despite its ownership of a relatively small percentage of total skin cancer occurrences, it accounts for over 75% of all skin cancer related deaths, making it by far the most deadly. But melanoma is only one of several types of skin cancer that, combined, account for […]

With over 2 million new cases of skin cancer being diagnosed every year, it’s no surprise that getting checked is on a lot of people’s minds. Especially here in Texas, where being in the sun is just part everyday life, more and more people are thinking about having a skin cancer screening. Residents sometimes think […]