Our skin is the biggest organ we have, requiring a lot of attention and care. Sometimes, even with a proper skincare routine, multiple skin conditions occur. Some of those conditions can be minor while others require professional medical help. All skin conditions can and should be managed, and a good dermatologist can accurately diagnose and […]

Everyone wants to feel comfortable with their skin, and look for methods and treatments to help achieve that. Treatments such as facelifts, chemical peels, and more can be a temporary solution, but seeing a dermatologist who is focused on your skin can be a long-lasting answer to your problem.  Dr. Anthony J. Perri has dedicated […]

Skin cancer has become well-known in the last several years, but still, many who are diagnosed with it are caught off guard. Unfortunately, it’s a type of cancer that people know about, but don’t worry about. But the truth is, skin cancer is one of the most common types of diagnosed cancers, so you need to be diligent in checking your skin and watching any existing moles for changes.

Men and women have moles. In fact, they are normal skin growths that pretty much everyone has. Most moles are tan or brown in color, sometimes raised, and vary in shape and size. Some people are born with moles, while other people’s moles develop later in life. Over the years, some patients experience changes in the appearance of their moles, which sometimes results in moles that are “irritated.”

Dr. Perri’s Conroe patients have mole removal for both cosmetic reasons, and for skin cancer concerns. Often, they are concerned about the mole growing back.

Sometimes adults are surprised to discover that new moles have appeared on their bodies. And the discovery often makes them wonder, “How did this mole get here?” While most moles appear in childhood or within your first 20 years of life, there are many reasons why moles may appear during adulthood. The important thing is, […]

Have you noticed a new, small, red mole or growth on your body, and are wondering what it is? The name that dermatologists use for these growths is cherry angiomas. These typically benign – that is, non-cancerous – moles usually appear on a resident’s torso, arms, legs, or shoulders. While anybody could get them at […]

Many residents have moles on their bodies, but they don’t know what type of moles they have. This can be a dangerous scenario. Knowing the exact type of moles you have, as well as if some of them may require mole removal, is important to your overall health. Here is a discussion of the 3 […]

Aside from being slightly irritating or unpleasant to look at, moles are generally nothing to be concerned about. Usually appearing from childhood through the first 30 years of life, moles are simply skin cells that have grown together in a cluster rather than spreading throughout the skin. Owing to their makeup of melanocytes, the cells […]