With more people spending time outdoors, they will most likely encounter pesky summer plants that can cause painful, itchy rashes. Most of these summer plants can be hard to identify, which is why you should pay close attention to plants in your area. Here are some skin irritating summer plants and how to treat […]

Everyone gets stressed, but did you know that stress has an impact on your skin? Your skin can negatively show how much you have been stressed and can even make previous skin conditions worse.    How? What most people don’t know is that stress is a chemical response that your body goes through. This can […]

With the seasons changing and the weather getting colder, skin can suffer from many conditions including Cold Urticaria. This is a skin condition that occurs after exposure to cold weather that causes whelps and hives. It is fairly common and easily treatable.    Cold Urticaria is most common in young adults and can be caused […]

  Keratosis is a common, long term skin condition. It consists of scaly bumps on the skin where skin follicles are. These bumps can be dry and can get worse due to cold weather. Scientists do not know what causes this condition. Even though these bumps are long term, it can be treated and often […]

Our skin is the biggest organ we have, requiring a lot of attention and care. Sometimes, even with a proper skincare routine, multiple skin conditions occur. Some of those conditions can be minor while others require professional medical help. All skin conditions can and should be managed, and a good dermatologist can accurately diagnose and […]

Everyone wants to feel comfortable with their skin, and look for methods and treatments to help achieve that. Treatments such as facelifts, chemical peels, and more can be a temporary solution, but seeing a dermatologist who is focused on your skin can be a long-lasting answer to your problem.  Dr. Anthony J. Perri has dedicated […]

Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica (PLC) is a rash that I encounter in both my The Woodlands dermatology and Conroe dermatology clinics.  It is rather rare and is the less severe longer lasting “cousin” of PLEVA (see blog entry Rash – Pityriasis Lichenoides et Varioliformis Acuta).  PLC presents as red or white small scaly plaques on the […]

Aquagenic Wrinkling of the Palms (also called Acquired Aquagenic Syringeal Acrokeratoderma) is a rare condition that I occasionally encounter in both my The Woodlands dermatology and Conroe dermatology offices.  White papules occur on the palm of the hands 5-10 minutes after exposure to water and are very sharply demarcated from the rest of the skin.  […]

Pityriasis Lichenoides et Varioliformis Acuta (PLEVA), also called Mucha Haberman disease, is a rash that I occasionally encounter in my The Woodlands and Conroe dermatology offices.  PLEVA is most common in children and young adults and typically begins as brown/red macules and patches which can form vesicles (blisters) which rupture to form crusts and scabs and […]

Pityriasis Rosea (PR) is one of the most common rashes I encounter in both my The Woodlands dermatology and Conroe dermatology clinics.  Typically, it occurs in children and young adults.  It usually begins as one large scaly red plaque on the back or chest called the Herald patch.  Soon after the appearance of the Herald […]

Shave biopsies are the most useful and versatile type of biopsies utilized by a dermatologist.  I prefer a sterile double edge razor blade which can be flexed to remove flat lesions in their entirety or kept level to remove the upper portion of a lesion.  Some dermatologists use a 15 blade which I find very […]