Houston Wart Treatment

Warts have been an annoyance for humans for thousands of years. If you have a wart on your hands, feet, or even your face, you’ve probably wondered what the best wart treatment is. Houston patients who are suffering from warts should call Dr. Perri today at (281) 943-2749 to get fast and powerful treatment for all of their warts.

While warts are often benign and usually harmless, they are unsightly and symptomatic, and they can also spread quickly to other parts of your body. If you’re ready to be finally free of your warts, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Perri today. We can answer any of your questions, and the next step is to get you into our comfortable and conveniently located offices so Dr. Perri can talk with you and take a look at your warts.

What Are Warts?

One of the most common questions we get from our patients in Houston is what exactly are warts? Unlike moles and other types of skin tags, warts are caused by a virus, and they can be spread to other parts of your body.

When the wart virus, called the human papillomavirus (HPV), comes in contact with an open cut on the skin, it will become infected. Most commonly, warts will appear on the hands, feet, and the fingers. Some warts can be itchy and cause some irritation.

Some warts will go away on their own, and when it comes to home wart treatment, Houston patients can try a few different methods before going to see Dr. Perri.

Home Wart Treatment

Houston patients have a few home remedy options for removing their warts. Salicylic acid is an ingredient found in several brand name products that are advertised to treat warts. Salicylic acid works by removing the top layer of skin and increasing the amount of moisture in the wart so that it eventually comes off.

Compound W is a trusted product by dermatologists for home wart removal. However, Compound W does have some serious potential side effects, and it shouldn’t be used by pregnant or nursing women, as well as kids and teens that have the flu, chickenpox, or a fever.

When to Call a Dermatologist for Wart Treatment

Houston patients can first try removing their warts at home. But there are definitely cases when you should call Dr. Perri to get your warts treated.

  • Home treatment doesn’t work – if you’ve tried Compound W for 8 to 12 weeks and your warts are still there, it’s time to call Dr. Perri.
  • Warts on face or genitals – Warts can appear on your face, nostrils, mouth, and also on the genitals. In these cases, make sure that you call Dr. Perri so he can develop a treatment plan that fits your unique needs.

How to Dermatologists Treat Warts?

When you come to see Dr. Perri for wart treatment, Houston patients can expect to discuss a treatment option called cryotherapy. This treatment involves freezing off the wart. It takes less than a minute and is usually not painful. Plus, it can be done right in Dr. Perri’s office.

  • The first step in cryotherapy is for Dr. Perri to apply some liquid nitrogen to the wart.
  • Some warts require multiple treatments of liquid nitrogen along with Compound W, and may take months to complete.

How to Prevent Warts

The HPV virus is incredibly common, but there are some strategies that patients can use to protect themselves.

  • Always wear your own clothing. Use your own towels, razors, and use your own yoga mats and other accessories when you go to the gym, if possible.
  • Wear shoes, slippers, sandals, or foot covering when you go into public bathrooms, locker rooms, pools, or saunas.
  • Always cover any open wounds, cuts, or scrapes to keep HPV from infecting it.

If you’re suffering from warts and you can’t wait to get rid of them, contact Dr. Perri today at (281) 943-2749. If you’ve tried any home remedies for warts but they haven’t work, Dr. Perri will talk with you about how we can finally get rid of your warts as quickly as possible.