Texas-Raised and Texas-Trained


After seeing how a routine skin cancer exam saved his father’s life from a deadly melanoma, Dr. Perri decided to become a Dermatologist and attended medical school in Texas — the same state where he was raised. Combining his education with his well-rounded background makes him the highly skilled and compassionate physician that he is today.

He will take the time with each individual patient to understand and address their needs entirely, making sure they are relaxed and comfortable with his staff.

Dr. Perri is committed to offering all of his patients direct access to his clinic for dermatology. Most commonly, dermatology patients are forced to wait longer amounts of time before being able to make an appointment, and Dr. Perri knows the stress and worsening factors that will come along to his patients if they have to go a long time waiting for an appointment, so he chooses to offer a better service by having extended hours during the week.

Dr. Perri strongly recommends for all of his patients to undergo a complete baseline skin exam. “I offer all of my patients the opportunity to have a complete skin exam with each visit. I’ve had many patients come in with a rash and I’ve found a skin cancer incidentally.”

We hope to offer a compassionate and trusting experience to you and your loved ones, whether you visit us at our practice located in The Woodlands or Conroe, Texas.