Unusual growths on the skin can do more than just compromise your appearance. In some cases, they can be symptoms of skin cancer or other health concern. Through medical dermatology, patients in Spring, TX can look their best and enjoy a high level of skin health. Anthony J. Perri, MD is a trusted medical dermatologist proudly serving patients throughout the Spring community, offering a range of services at Perri Dermatology.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Perri as Your Dermatologist?

Dr. Perri is proudly Texas-born and Texas-trained. He chose a path in dermatology after seeing how a routine skin cancer screening saved his father’s life. Dr. Perri graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and completed his dermatology residency at the University of Texas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and a member of the Texas Dermatological Society.

Meet Dr. Perri

Dermatology Treatments

Perri Dermatology provides personalized treatment plans to help you avoid cancer and other serious health concerns. Dr. Perri offers a range of medical dermatology services to address specific patient concerns.

Annual Skin Exam

Often, early detection is the best way to address skin problems and avoid more serious malignancies. For this reason, Dr. Perri encourages patients to schedule skin exams at least once a year and more frequently if personal or family history dictates it. During this exam, Dr. Perri will carefully evaluate the skin for abnormalities, address any questions or areas of problems, and recommend further treatments as needed.


Skin Cancer Screening

Even a seemingly minor or trivial skin abnormality may point toward cancer or malignancy. During a skin cancer screening, Dr. Perri will assess your body for any worrisome signs and symptoms, recommending a biopsy or additional treatments as necessary. Skin cancer screenings can often catch malignancy at the earliest phase, potentially saving you from much more serious issues down the road.


Skin Cancer Biopsy

If Dr. Perri identifies a mole or other blemish that indicates possible malignancy, he will recommend a biopsy and numb your skin to ensure your comfort. Once the results are available, Dr. Perri will provide insight into further treatment and offer you peace of mind.


Skin Cancer Treatment

When detected early, skin cancer is typically very treatable, offering one of the highest cancer survival rates. Dr. Perri will discuss the different treatment options if your biopsy confirms a cancer diagnosis. We treat many patients in-house but can refer you to local surgeons and specialists as needed.


Mole Removal

Moles are incredibly common, and often they are completely benign. In some cases, moles can indicate cancer, requiring their removal. You may also choose to have a mole removed for aesthetic reasons, or to prevent discomfort when the mole rubs against your clothing. Dr. Perri will provide full topical anesthesia to promote comfort and remove the mole via the shave method.


Acne Treatment

Acne breakouts can affect anyone, though they are most typical among teenagers and young adults. Acne can compromise your complexion and deprive you of self-confidence, but thankfully, you can treat the condition via both topical and oral medications. Dr. Perri will provide a personalized treatment plan to help you enjoy clean, clear, healthy skin.


Rashes & Eczema Treatment

Rashes and eczema can sabotage your clear complexion and cause you to feel awkward or self-conscious. In some cases, these skin issues can also cause physical irritation or discomfort. Dr. Perri can provide you with a personalized treatment plan, involving topical medications, oral medications, or a combination of the two.


Wart Removal

Warts are not just an aesthetic problem, but they are caused by a virus. No matter the nature or location of your warts, Dr. Perri can provide a personalized treatment plan to help you look and feel your best by removing the wart and prescribing medication.


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Seeing a medical dermatologist like Dr. Anthony J. Perri, MD, can help you prevent cancer and other serious skin issues, while presenting effective treatments. Perri Dermatology welcomes patients from Spring, TX to either of our conveniently located offices. To schedule a consultation, contact (936) 522-4966 or use our online form today!