December 15, 2021

| perri dermatology
Medically reviewed by Anthony J. Perri, M.D.

Rosacea is a very common skin condition that causes red and painful pus filled bumps on the skin. This can be anywhere on the body and has lots of medication and treatment available. With more modern technology, more treatments and therapy are becoming common for rosacea. 


More common ways of treating rosacea include medicines and creams. Dermatologists prescribe the medication based on the symptoms you are experiencing. These medications will stop the flushing of the skin and work within 12 hours. Most dermatologists will also prescribe a topical cream used to stop the itching or burning sensation and soothe the skin. The cream can be used as needed and also works within 12 hours. This doesn’t cure rosacea, but can alleviate the symptoms. 


However, a new treatment for this skin condition is laser therapy. By using lasers and different kinds of light, this treatment makes enlarged blood vessels smaller and less visible through the skin. When the blood vessels are smaller, the redness of the rosacea is decreased and could possibly remove the bumps. This is a long term treatment plan and most patients won’t see results until a couple of weeks. The results can last 3-5 years. Each appointment is spaced between 3-4 weeks but depending on the severity of the condition, more appointments may be needed. 


Sometimes, medications and creams might not work. Being open to other ways of treatment is beneficial. Treatment for rosacea should be unique to you and your symptoms. Knowing what works for you is important. By accommodating everyone, new technologies have allowed for more treatments and therapies to help treat skin conditions. 


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