August 19, 2019

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Medically reviewed by Anthony J. Perri, M.D.
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If you’re a resident who always seems to get warts on your hands, you might be wondering, “What’s causing this?” This is a common question Dr. Perri is asked when patients seek him for wart treatment at Perri dermatology. While the medical reason that warts appear on your hands – or anywhere on your body for that matter – is that small cuts in your skin come in contact with a wart-causing strain of the very common human papillomavirus (HPV), there are additional reasons why some also seem to get wart breakouts on their hands.

Hands Are Prone to Getting Tiny Cuts

Residents use their hands every day for a variety of tasks. This makes hands very likely to get cuts, from paper cuts to more serious injuries such as accidentally cutting yourself with a knife while cooking.

Anytime you have a cut on your hand; it’s possible that if you come in contact with the human papillomavirus – which has numerous strains – a wart can develop in the area you have a cut. That’s why it’s so important for residents to always cover any cut on their hands with a band-aid, no matter how small that cut may be, to reduce their risk of developing warts and requiring wart treatment.

Hands Touch Everything

Whether you’re picking something up, holding it, or carrying it, it’s likely your hands have come in contact with it. Because the wart-causing HPV virus can appear on common household items such as a razor your spouse used or a towel used by a family member, hands are a likely place for warts to appear. If you have a wart appear on your hand, you might be able to treat it on your own using over-the-counter solutions. But if the wart persists or you get hand warts often, wart treatment from dermatologist Dr. Perri may be needed.

Touching a Wart Elsewhere on Your Body Can Spread the Wart-Causing HPV Virus to Your Hands

If you develop a wart elsewhere on your body, it can sometimes be tempting to touch it or pick at it. But you need to resist the urge. When residents touch warts that may appear elsewhere, such as on the bottom of their feet, they run the risk of spreading the human papillomavirus to their hands, too. This can make you develop even more warts and require wart treatment either using solutions purchased at your local pharmacy, or more stringent medical interventions that dermatologist Dr. Perri can provide.

If You Need Wart Treatment for Your Hands, Contact Perri Dermatology

Whether you keep breaking out with warts on your hands, have a wart that is irritated or painful, or just want to get rid of this unsightly skin condition on your hand, Dr. Perri can help. At Perri Dermatology, Dr. Perri offers a variety of wart treatment options that may work for you depending on your unique presentation of a wart or warts.

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