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Anthony J. Perri, MD

Texas raised, texas trained


Texas Raised, Texas Trained – Anthony J. Perri, M.D.

When you begin searching for a dermatologist, you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed with options. Many physicians are primarily focused on cosmetic procedures, but what if you need a dermatologist who treats only medical skin conditions?

Dermatologist Dr. Anthony J. Perri’s interest in dermatology began when an early diagnosis of melanoma saved his father’s life. He knows firsthand how important providing timely quality service is to your health, which is why he’s built his practice with added flexibility for your schedule and a focus on understanding your needs. Additionally, Dr. Perri is Texas raised and Texas trained, so you’ll always feel at home in his care.

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The Importance of an Annual Skin Exam

Developing a routine of monthly self-exams is very important. Aside from self-checks, though, it’s important to have annual skin exams, by a dermatologist as a board-certified dermatologist can often detect things you might miss. During these exams, you should point out any skin abnormalities, such as new, changing, or strange looking symptomatic moles or skin lesions.

Of particular concern is melanoma, which tends to run in families. Annual skin exams can help monitor and detect worrisome changes as early as possible on moles and other potential warning signs over time to ensure they don’t become a cause for concern.

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