December 15, 2015

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Medically reviewed by Anthony J. Perri, M.D.
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Many people think that acne is just something you get as a teenager and grow out of after a few years, but if you’re one of the many sufferers of adult acne, you know how false this assumption really is. Having acne as a teen is bad enough, but as an adult, it can cause lost social confidence, affect how others perceive you in the workplace, and even prevent you from enjoying the things you love doing. If you’re seeking adult acne treatment, The Woodlands dermatologist Dr. Anthony J. Perri has a solution for you.

Treatments by Severity

All kinds of acne —whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and cysts — occur when pores in your skin become clogged. Though often blamed on things like stress, dirty skin, and greasy foods and hormonal changes are believed to play a role, no one knows for sure what causes acne. As a health condition, acne isn’t considered serious, but it can lead to lasting scars on your skin if not treated properly.

Based on the severity of your acne, different acne treatments will be necessary:

  • Mild Acne: characterized by small whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules appearing at or near the skin’s surface, mild acne can sometimes be controlled by gently washing the skin twice daily and the use of topical treatments.
  • Moderate Acne: moderate acne is generally identified when it covers one to three-fourths of the face. It usually requires help in the form of over-the-counter or prescription medications and/or extractions to remedy.
  • Severe Acne: deep cysts, inflammation, and extensive skin damage are the hallmarks of severe acne. It is generally treated with a combination of moderate acne treatments and additional dermatological intervention including surgical drainage and drug therapies.

Avoidance of Scars

Even in cases of mild acne, scarring can still occur when pimples are popped or scraped. The best way to avoid scars is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Perri. He’ll take the time to do a thorough assessment of your acne and determine the best course of treatment to avoid scarring.

At Perri Dermatology, we have two convenient locations and offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your schedule. Don’t let adult acne keep you from enjoying life to the fullest – call us today to schedule an appointment.

Seeking adult acne treatment? Dermatologist Dr. Anthony J. Perri offers compassionate treatment of even the most severe cases. Call today for your appointment.