September 18, 2011

| perri dermatology
Medically reviewed by Anthony J. Perri, M.D.

Blue Nevus of Jadassohn-Tiche (also called Common Blue Nevus) is a very common type of Blue Nevus which I encounter frequently in both my The Woodlands dermatology and Conroe dermatology offices.  Common Blue Nevi usually occur at a very early age and appear as a blue/grey/black macule or papule and may be mistaken for “pencil lead” in the the skin.  Common Blue Nevi grow very slowly and rarely become larger than 1 cm.  The most common locations for a Common Blue Nevus are the dorsum of the hands and feet and the face.  Treatment of a Common Blue Nevus is not necessary as they are benign but if removal is desired excision can be performed.