March 11, 2011

| perri dermatology
Medically reviewed by Anthony J. Perri, M.D.

Psoriasis is a multisystem immune mediated inflammatory disorder that I diagnose and treat on a daily basis in both my The Woodlands dermatology and Conroe dermatology offices.  Psoriasis affects approximately 2% of the population and its onset can be sudden at almost any age, especially patients in their 20’s and 50’s.  Although there is a genetic component to Psoriasis, many environmental factors such as stress and smoking can trigger Psoriasis or cause it to flare.  The classic skin lesions in Psoriasis are scaly red plaques that can be found almost anywhere on the body.  Areas of repeated trauma are prone to Psoriasis such as the hands and elbows through the Koebner’s Phenomenon.  The nails are commonly involved in Psoriasis with severity of involvement ranging from nail pits to dystrophic nails.  There are many different types of Psoriasis: Classic Plaque Type Psoriasis, Pustular Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Erythrodermic Psoriasis, Palmoplantar Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau.  Although there is no cure for Psoriasis, it is very imprortant to effectively treat this skin disease as the same inflammatory process that occurs in the skin can also occur in the joints leading to Psoriatic Arthritis and involve internal organs such as the heart as Psoriatic patients are at higher risk for Metabolic Syndrome.   Psoriasis | perri dermatology